Equal Opportunities

Chambers is committed to equal opportunities in all aspects of its work.

All Barristers have committed to observe the Bar Council Code of Conduct in relation to non discrimination in the acceptance of work, the carrying out of that work and all dealing with clients, colleagues, staff and others.

All staff have committed to comply with this Policy

All job applicants, employees, members and clients will receive equal treatment regardless of sex, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.

By way of non exclusive example, the following are against Chambers’ policy :-

  1. Direct discrimination where a person is less favourably treated because of sex, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation, for example if refused promotion on the grounds of colour.
  2. Indirect discrimination, where a requirement or condition which cannot be justified is applied equally to all groups but has a disproportionate adverse effect on one particular group
  3. Victimisation where someone is treated less favourably because they have taken action against Chambers under one of the relevant Acts
  4. Chambers will take the following positive action to support this policy :-
  5. All job advertisements wherever placed will include the statement “These Chambers are equal opportunities employers”.
  6. In recruitment Chambers will take steps to try and attract applications from both sexes and all races and will ensure that there are equal opportunities in all stages of the recruitment process.
  7. Promotion within Chambers will be based solely on merit.
  8. Clerks will ensure that all work is offered equally to those of similar skills and experience (subject to availability) and will take the necessary action under the Bar Code of Conduct should any professional client seek to unfairly influence the use of a particular Barrister or decline to use a Barrister on discriminatory grounds.
  9. All selection of pupils and tenants will be guided by this policy, as further detailed in the specific sections of the Pupillage Policy.
  10. Chambers is committed to allowing members of staff and tenants suitable maternity/paternity leave of at least the statutory minimum without prejudice to their career development.
  11. Chambers will monitor all recruitment exercises to ensure that equal consideration and opportunity is given to all applicants. Should this monitoring reveal that there is an imbalance appearing, the Management Committee will decide upon suitable positive action to be taken to correct this.
  12. Discipline – Chambers will treat seriously and take disciplinary action when any member, pupil, employee or client has a grievance as a result of discrimination or harassment on sexual or racial grounds or on grounds of disability.
  13. Grievance – any member, pupil or employee who feels that they have been unfairly disadvantaged in any way under these rules may take the matter up in strictest confidence with the Head of Chambers who will investigate and take appropriate action, including disciplinary if necessary.

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