Stephan Alfred

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Stephan Alfred



Practice Areas and Specialisations

Stephan has considerable experience defending in serious criminal cases. He has developed a practice specialising primarily in complex fraud, money laundering and serious drugs and POCA proceedings. This includes quasi-civil proceedings in the High Court, for example applications for Certificates of Inadequacy.

Stephan also acts in large-scale Customs cases and other serious criminal matters including international people smuggling, murder and armed robbery.

An accomplished jury advocate, Stephan is instructed in leading junior work and occasionally also acts as junior counsel. His practice is now exclusively defence based.

Stephan is bilingual in English and French and still has fond memories of his rich sporting past.

Cases of Interest

  • R v Williams & others: Multi-million pound mortgage fraud and money laundering.
  • R-v-WD & others: A so-called "carbon credits fraud", the allegation is a £100m+ conspiracy to cheat the public revenue. A technically complex case alleging the fraudulent evasion of income and capital gains tax through a scheme to create and trade Carbon Emission Reduction Certificates under the Kyoto Protocol and UK Legislation.
  • R-v-M & others: £100m+ advance fee fraud and rent ramping fraud. Prosecuted by the SFO.
  • R v K & others: Multi-million pound conspiracy to evade duty imposed on alcohol.
  • R v M & others: Junior counsel in multi-million pound red diesel fraud and money laundering case.
  • R v W & another: First case of its kind alleging copyright infringement through online music file sharing.
  • R v T & others: Complex Multi-million pound company fraud and money laundering.
  • R v Hill & 25 others: Leading junior in £100million plus money laundering and drugs conspiracy. The Crown Prosecution Service told the BBC that it was the biggest ever criminal case in London handled by the CPS and the Metropolitan Police and the case attracted national press attention.
  • R v N & others: Million pound international car theft conspiracy. The legendary George Michael named as one of the losers.
  • R v Cunningham & 23 others: £14million international money laundering case through tax evasion.
  • R v M: 300 kilogram cannabis importation.
  • R v S & others: Leading junior in three-month Tamil gangland attempted murder trial at the Old Bailey.
  • R v Patel & others: Two-month international people smuggling trial. One of the largest ever operations of its kind culminating in more than 30 individuals being indicted.
  • R v K: Represented an elderly defendant, repatriated from Canada to serve the remainder of his life sentence for murder. Proceedings in the Queen’s Bench Division of to argue tariff.
  • R v G & others: Multi-million pound identity fraud and money laundering case, featuring on the ITN news and giving rise to extensive POCA proceedings.
  • R v L: Gangland trial in the Midlands where the victim was abducted, bound and gagged, taken to the countryside and shot through both legs.
  • R v M: Junior in 8-handed Tamil gangland double-murder trial lasting over three months at the Old Bailey.
  • R v Williams & 15 others: Gang related Public Order trial lasting three months. The senior trial judge described the extent of the police operation as “massive” and remarked that he had never presided over a case with as many discrete legal issues. Case attracted considerable media attention, due in large part to the discharge of firearms in a residential area resulting in two people being shot.

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